Nigel Caroll Personal tainerThe ‘Daddy’ of the The Ring Pro trinity; Manager of The Ring Boxing Club, Director of Courses at The Ring Academy and third man in Jack ‘13’ Morris’s corner; though really, he’s more like ‘Dad’ to everyone at the end of the day. 48 years in the making, Nigel has acquired a wealth of knowledge across a range of sports. Playing and coaching Soccer to Softball; American Football to Athletics (he has a district sports gold medal for high hurdles!)…. and of course boxing. Graduating from University of Surrey in 2000, the former unbeaten heavyweight has worked as a personal trainer, sports training consultant and sports performance coach to professional organisations, clubs, athletes and private clients, even the odd famous person. With a philosophy of sound technique coupled with hard work on the basics,

Nigel has found a growing reputation among both professional boxers and sportsmen as an astute technical coach. Yet beneath the keen analytical eye and quest for perfection and innovation, holds onto the principal that there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to get the right result and each individual needs careful care and attention.Maybe that’s why he ends up being just ‘Dad’ because he only wants what’s best for his guys and only ever accepts their best in return…anything less won’t do!!

One on One Introduction to Boxing £40.00

When you pay using papal, one of our Personal Trainers will contact you to arrange a time for your Introduction to Boxing at this legendary boxing club in Southwark London SE1.