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Nigel Carroll RIP

Dear All,

Sad day that it was, Nigel’s funeral was also a wonderful celebration of his life. Brendan (Nigel’s Son) gave a wonderful eulogy, where he said unreservedly, that Nigel’s time at the club, training you guys, were amongst his happiest days. So well done to you lot for being the people you are. Great stuff!

We have created a page for Donations to Nigel, or more specifically, his good lady wife Alice. Alice was an absolute soldier during the 6 years of Nigel’s fight against cancer, and the money we are raising will be used to send her on a special holiday some time in the new year.

I know a lot of you have already contributed, and I’d like to personally take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity and also the kind words over the last couple of weeks. Nigel was like a brother to me and I have been touched by the messages. Thank you.

We will be organising a memorial evening at the club in January…And yes, I’ll be buying all the drinks (I knew Nigel would get me to buy a round eventually).

Link below Guys, and once again, Thank you.

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